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A little something about B & B Antique Clock Repair, Antique Clock Restoration and Sales.


I started collecting antique clocks about the year 2003 at antique auctions, on-line and at estate sales. As an auctioneer would say, buy “as is” with no guarantee they will work. That became a true statement, so I started repairing my own clocks, American Kitchen clocks, Mantle clocks, Regulator Wall clocks, then German and French movements and so on. I bought just about all the books available on clock repair and read about them, not just once, but twice and three to four times as it had become a new hobby.


After two years I was getting pretty good at movement breakdown, cleaning and assembling. I started setting up a repair shop in a spare bedroom and buying all needed equipment and supplies needed to repair and restore clocks, thus started a small business after I retired in 2005.


This had developed into a seven-day a week job in a new repair shop in a new barn on my property with a clock show room. I started receiving consignments for customers and buying more antique clocks and repairing as many as ten clocks a week for local customers.


I am looking to expand from my 600 square foot shop and show room to an additional 800 square foot of the barn. I am recognized member of the National Association of the Watch and Clock Collectors.


I hope you enjoy my collection of antique clocks that I have for sale along with many consignments.

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