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Clock Repair

B & B Antique Clock Repair performs total movement overhaul which includes total disassemble of the movement, inspection of the gears, springs, pivots, bushing pivot holes if needed, ultrasonic cleaning of plates and gears, polish pivots, assembly the movement, oil movement, test movement on test stand, set to beat and install in clock case. I will then run the clock for a minimum of one week. I also perform re-pivoting on most arbors.


Not all clock movements are in need of the total overhaul. If the clock is properly maintained, meaning it is oiled every two years and kept in a somewhat dust-free environment, it will run for many, many years. I find in most mechanical antique clocks that the oil sinks on the brass plates, becomes dry and turns greenish in hue and the clock will stop working. As I tell my customers, if you never change the oil in your car, the oil will break down and the engine will wear and stop running. The same is true with clocks.


I will work on all antique mechanical clock movements: Grandfather, English, French, German, American, quartz movements and cuckoo clocks.


If your clock is not working, send an e-mail to me, stating your problem and I will respond within 24 hours. For local people on the central coast of California (San Luis Obispo County) I provide house calls for maintenance or pick-up for repair or you may drop off your clock at my repair shop.


Repair time varies depending on the problem with your clock and my caseload. I am a one-man shop, family-owned business.

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